MotionX-GPS Drive In-Vehicle Telematics

MotionX-GPS Drive offers integrated support for aftermarket in-vehicle AV Receiver solutions.


Pioneer's revolutionary AppRadio is the first in-vehicle AV Receiver designed to utilize the iPhone 4 as the primary source for its information & entertainment capabilities.

MotionX-GPS Drive and Pioneer AppRadio work hand-in-hand.

Pioneer AppRadio website


The MotionX-GPS Drive user interface on the iPhone controls the experience while maps and routing information are shown on the in-vehicle display.

MotionX-GPS Drive provides superior maps and custom voices for
turn-by-turn instructions.

MotionX-GPS Drive on the iPhone 4 supports select in-vehicle AV Receivers
"out of the box". No additional
software purchase required.


Watch MotionX-GPS Drive seamlessly integrate with an in-vehicle AV Receiver:

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