MotionX-GPS Drive Accessories


MotionX highly recommends a windshield or dashboard mount for:

  • Higher accuracy through improved GPS signal. Your iPhone has a better view of the sky when mounted on your dashboard.
  • Better usability as your iPhone can be mounted within your field of vision on your dashboard.

Windshield mounts | Vehicle Chargers


Windshield Mounts


Ram X-Grip Mount
RAM Mounts
Brand Belkin Satechi Kensington RAM X-Grip
  • Sleek profile.
  • Easy twist locking mount.
  • Sturdy, very little shaking even over bumps.
  • Rotating cradle holds firmly between between landscape/portrait.
  • Long flex-arm: ideal for vehicles with a large dash.
  • Rotating cradle holds firmly between between landscape/portrait.
  • Strong and secure.
  • Durable.
  • Many mounting options.
  • Long flex-arm results in minor shaking over bumps.
  • Cradle rotates easily any time the phone is touched.
  • Suction cup screw-on mount can be cumbersome.
  • Long flex-arm results in minor shaking over bumps.
  • X-Grip nobs can slightly obscure touch screen.
  • Need multiple parts in some configurations.

Belkin iPhone Window Mount

The suction-cup mount attaches to any window or smooth surface, and the adjustable gooseneck lets you freely position your device. The adjustable cradle securely holds many iPhone/iPod models and allows access to the dock connector to attach a charging cable.


Satechi CR-3600 car holder mount

The ideal solution for drivers seeking a hands-free solution in their vehicle. The Satechi SCR-31 is always within easy reach, safe and convenient. It features an extra secure mount that has adjustable pivoting action: up and down, left and right. It also includes a super-strong adhesive pad called Smart Pad for alternative mounting locations.


Kensington Windshield Mount

Secure your iPhone on your dash while you drive. The flexible arm on the Kensington Dash Mount for the iPhone adjusts to keep your devices within reach no matter what car you have. The adjustable side clamps hold the iPhone even when it is in a case.

  • Jointed arm allows for precise positioning.
  • Adjustable side clamps expand to securely fit iPhone.
  • Setup in seconds on any dashboard or flat surface and stays put.
  • Rotating head allows angle adjustments and horizontal or vertical device orientation.

RAM X-Grip Mount

  • Spring loaded holder expands and contracts for perfect fit of your device.
  • Rubber coated tips will hold device firm and stable.
  • Versatility of holder allows for attachment to many RAM-to-RAM ball mounts.
  • Single socket technology allows for multiple adjustment angles and articulation of device.
Made in USA


Vehicle Chargers


All chargers are not the same. Make sure you get one that's rated for 2.1 Amps to effectively charge your iPhone or iPad as you drive. Keeping the iPhone's screen on and using GPS consumes significant battery power. Here are some of our favorites:


Griffin Technology PowerJolt USB Charger for iPod/iPhone/iPad

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Charge your iPhone while driving with MotionX. We love this great affordable charger from Griffin (just $12). With double the charging power of most standard car chargers (2.1 amps), we highly recommend this for commuters and road-warriors.

  • 2.1 Amp Auto charger for iPad, iPhone, and iPod
  • Two-amp charger safely charges your iPad, as well as iPhone and iPod models with dock connector, with the fastest charge possible
  • Includes dock cable compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod

Kensington PowerBolt Micro Car Charger for iPhone and iPad

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Kensington's Micro Charger lets you charge your iPhone or iPad in your car at the fastest possible speeds. Its low-profile design allows the charger to sit flush with your dash, so it's conveniently out of the way yet still easily accessible.

  • 2.1 Amps to provide quick iPhone, iPad or iPod charging
  • 3 ft./0.91 m charge/sync cable for iPod or iPhone included
  • Low-profile design sits flush with car's dash
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, and all iPods